The Science

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is the 9th most abundant mineral on Earth. A small amount of TiO2 is found in almost every shovelful of dirt on the planet. When mined and processed it becomes a bright white dirt powder that has been used by humans for over 100 years. It is the white in the white paint, makeup, sunscreen, marshmallows, etc.  Titanium Dioxide is rated as inert and non-toxic (MSDS rating). 

It was discovered in 1967 that Nature uses a process called Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysis where sunlight/high intensity UV light causes Titanium Dioxide to produce excited electrons that then almost immediately combine with water molecules into super oxygen molecules that clean the air of deadly pathogens and toxic pollutions. It is now understood that this natural process is a major factor in what helps keep the earth's atmosphere from being overpowered by disease and pollution. For almost 30 years various people have tested this photocatalytic action against a variety of deadly pathogens and pollutants with tremendous success, but no one was able to commercialize it.  Finally, when the International Space Station was proposed, NASA developed a "glue" that held the TiO2 to a surface and allowed the photocatalysis process to work with high intensity UV light.  NASA has been using a version of this natural technology to purify and clean the air on the International Space Station for over 25 years. 

PURE-LIGHT® TECHNOLOGIES, has taken the Nature/ NASA technology, improved it, made it last longer, developed it so that it did not need high intensity UV light to activate, but instead adapted it to specially prepared light bulbs that can be used indoors or outdoors. We call it the PURE-LIGHT® SUPER- OXYGEN® TECHNOLOGY.

Specifically, PURE-LIGHT TECHNOLOGIES®, using a patented formula and process that PLT developed, coats a light bulb with an ultra- thin, transparent coating of this patented formula that reacts with regular light to produce super oxygen molecules as part of the photocatalytic action of TiO2, that work against viruses, bacteria, mold and breaks down toxic VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). 

As air comes near the PURE-LIGHT coated light bulbs (approximately 8ft—12 ft) it gets cleansed of these bacteria, viruses, mold, and pollutants. The air also gets deodorized as well since almost all odors are an organic compound. There is also a secondary PURE-LIGHT effect on the surfaces of items near the light bulb, such as kitchen/bathroom counters, dishes, stoves, cutting boards, door knobs, etc.

The two special super oxygen molecules Pure-Light bulbs produce are called SUPEROXIDE (O2- ) and HYDROXYL ION (OH-). These two super oxygen molecules provide a triple “action”… two actions against viruses and bacteria, and another “action” against VOCs.

SUPEROXIDE (O2-), or SUPER OXYGEN, is actually produced in the human body in large quantities by white blood cells and is used by the immune system to kill invading microorganisms. ​Superoxide (O2-) inside the body, or in the air, combines with a microorganism giving it essentially a boost of oxygen. Good cells thrive with the extra oxygen while viruses and bacteria are killed by the extra oxygen. Superoxides are also used in firefighters' oxygen tanks and divers rebreather systems in order to provide a readily available source of oxygen.

The HYDROXYL ION (OH-) is often referred to as the “detergent” of the atmosphere because it reacts with many pollutants called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), often acting as the first step to their removal. It is much more effective at this action than naturally occurring ozone. Hydroxyl radicals also attack the porous cell walls of bacteria and viruses which destroys them through the process known as cell lysing. Human, animal and plant cells are designed to be in the sunlight and have cell walls that are less porous and are not harmed by atmospheric hydroxyl radicals.

For more details and studies on the technology behind the PURE-LIGHT SUPER OXYGEN LIGHT TECHNOLOGY see the Science/Studies of this website. Additionally, there are ongoing field studies that are currently being conducted in a number of areas under independent testing groups.


These features work best with multiple light bulbs that are left on for several hours:
The TiO2 photocatalytic process/technology behind the Pure-Light Super-Oxygen Light bulbs has been shown to break down 99.9% of germs, fungi, mold including deadly MRSA, Cold & Flu germs, E-COLI, SARS, STAPH, CRE, Salmonella, Anthrax, Plague… even those germs that have become resistant to antibiotics.

The newly patented Pure-Light TiO2 Technology allows the photocatalytic cleaning action to work indoors for up to 10 years with natural indoor lighting!

  • Additionally, the TiO2 photocatalytic process breaks down toxic indoor air pollutants like formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, methane, benzine and other VOCs into harmless components.(The main components of Smog)
  • Eradicates the need for harmful chemical sanitizers
  • Eliminates the need for aerosols that deplete the ozone layer

These features work with only a single bulb after just 40 minutes of being turned on:

  • Discourages allergies-The process also dissolves pollen and other allergens 
  • Discourages odors without masking them with fragrances
  • Fight Winter Blues- Same type of daylight, bright, full spectrum light (AKA Happy Light) used to overcome Seasonally Affected Depression (SAD)
  • Cool to the touch + eco-friendly, odorless, non-toxic
  • Helps comply with indoor air quality regulations
  • Our products don't use UV light!
  • Uses 70%-90% less energy compared to incandescent bulbs
  • Uses 50% less energy compared to fluorescent lights… and No mercury!
  • Lasts 10-20 times longer than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs!
  • INSTANT ON, High quality, Flicker Free lighting
  • Produces less heat & reduces fire hazards
  • Silent operation with no filters or maintenance
  • Fits into any standard light bulb socket
  • GREAT FOR PLANTS & ANIMALS! (in actual lab tests, Pure-Light bulbs increased plant growth over regular greenhouse lighting, and plants were healthier overall)


  • It has been around and working for thousands of years.
  • It has been used in industry, (food, paint, cosmetics, sunscreen, etc.) for almost 100 years with no alleged detrimental effects. It is considered safe for use in foods, drugs, paints and cosmetics.
  • It is FDA approved in a variety of foods, packaging, etc. since it is rated as Non-Toxic. Titanium dioxide is listed as a safe pigment, with no known adverse effects when used in cosmetics, and approved by the FDA when 99% pure. It is not listed as a carcinogen, mutagen, teratogen, comedogen, toxin or as a trigger for contact dermatitis in any other safety regulatory publications beside the NIOSH (Antczak, 2001; Physical & Theoretical Chemical Laboratory, Oxford University respectively), with the exception of the recent IARC designation.
  • A single controversial study in 1985 by Lee, Trochimowicz & Reinhardt found that rats when exposed to 50x's allowable nuisance dust particles “chronically exposed excessive dust loading” (in other words almost more dust than air) 5 days a week for 2 years, they developed “slight lung tumours.” However, the results have not been able to be duplicated with mice, hamsters, dogs, or humans and has been noted by other scientists that rat lungs are naturally susceptible to lung tumors and that the results of the test were pre-determined to be negative. **IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT PURE-LIGHT DOES NOT USE TIO2 DUST AT ALL ANYWAY, BUT, INSTEAD SEALS THE TIO2 PARTICLES ONTO SURFACES USING A LIQUID SEALANT.
  • In studies performed by the World Health Organization and the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, cross species analyses were performed and reviewed for possible toxicity of titanium dioxide. The conference concluded that “among the following species: rats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats and human males, ingestion of titanium dioxide at varying diet percentages and over long periods of time did not cause absorption of this mineral. Titanium dioxide particulates were not detected in the blood, liver, kidney or urine and no adverse effects were noted from its ingestion.” The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (2002) allows for its ingestion, external application including the eye area, and considers it a safe substance for public health. Other epidemiological studies showed that workers exposed to titanium dioxide exhibited no statistically significant relationship between such exposure with lung cancer and respiratory disease.”
  • There has been some concern over any particle that is smaller than 30 nano-meters, in that such particles might be able to enter into certain cells. First; Pure-Light uses nano particles that are 80-100 nano-meters (too big for the concern), and Second; Pure-Light seals the particles onto surfaces using a liquid sealant. Again, TiO2 has been used in sunscreens and cosmetics for over 30 years with no physiological effect.