Lightbulb Air Purification System

Air Purifier + Anti-Odor + Anti-Allergy + Anti-Pollution + Anti-Mold + Anti-Smoke + Plant Grow Light & We Have 4 Distinct Patents For This Tech

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Experience Enhanced Air Quality with Pure-Light®

Pure-Light® LED bulbs are more than just light bulbs; they're an advanced Air Purification System. Harnessing revolutionary Super-Oxygen® Technology inspired by nature's cleansing process, Pure-Light® delivers unmatched air purification. Originally developed for the International Space Station, this patented technology has been perfected over 12 years to offer affordable home use.

With four distinct patents, Pure-Light® not only purifies air but also serves as a plant grow light, aids allergy relief, combats mold, helps eliminate smoke, and deodorizes pet odors. Trusted by scientists and available for homes, businesses, and schools, Pure-Light® offers unparalleled results and the bulbs are fully warranted for 5 years. Most home owners report electrical savings of $100 or more per month*. Try risk-free with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

(*Savings may vary based on factors like light quantity, home size, and electricity costs.)

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  • Stinky dog, poinsettias, old folk smelling house

    “My testimony is simply, they work! I have a stinky dog, in the main floor bathroom. When I have to let him out every day, I almost die. I put the 4 bulbs in, within 24 hours, I could tolerate it. Then, when I turn the lights on in the morning, I went back 20 minutes later nothing! No smell! So, I freaked out and I put my poinsettias…came back the next day and they looked brand new out of the store… My kids… say our house smells like old people house… I put bulbs in the hallway…my kids came last week and said the house smells great…”

    -Allie Knell January 11

  • Breathing pure, clean, fresh air

    “I was told about this awesome technology. I haven’t read anything, I put my faith in what I hear…The opportunity to have such an awesome technology around me, just intrigued my imagination…It didn’t take me but a few minutes to say, ‘I am in, I want the bulbs, can I get them today’… My main reason for getting the bulbs, all of us know… the danger of in-house air. It’s stale, full of bacteria and other migrants that come and take a seat. We can’t see them…To breathe pure, clean, fresh air…That’s my story…I’m sticking to it!”

    -C.D. January 18

  • Bathroom smells like heaven

    “I needed to put a new stopper in my toilet tank. So, I took the top of the tank off… I just left the light on. Two days later, everything inside the tank was like clean, and the top of the tank was clean. I had to take a double look at it and that bathroom smells like heaven. It was really something!”

    - March 8

Introduction to the Amazing Pure-Light® Technology

Pure-Light® Applications

Plant Grow Light

Helps With Allergies

Help Combat and Prevent Mold

Pet Deodorizer

Air Purification System

Cigar and Cigarette Smoke Deodorizer

  • 24/7 Enhanced Air and Surface Purification

    Pure-Light offers groundbreaking technology for safer, healthier spaces. Our patented Super-Oxygen Nano Technology naturally purifies the air without UV light or harsh chemicals.

  • Cost-effective Efficiency

    Pure-Light’s LED technology is safer and longer-lasting, saving money for commercial and residential customers alike.

  • **Pristine **Invigorating **Uplifting

    Pure-Light’s technology cleans air and surfaces within 10+ feet, leaving a refreshing scent. Our bulbs mimic natural light, boosting serotonin levels for a happier environment.

  • Bringing the Outdoors Inside your Home

    Lasting 5 to 20+ years, Pure-Light uses indoor light and natural sunlight for activation. It eliminates odors and chemicals while bringing outdoor freshness inside.


The Science

PURE-LIGHT TECHNOLOGIES®, has taken the Nature/ NASA technology, improved it, made it last longer and has adapted it to specially prepared light bulbs that can be used indoors or outdoors. We call it PURE-LIGHT SUPER OXYGEN TECHNOLOGY®.

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Pure-Light® Super-Oxygen® bulbs not only clean and deodorize the air but also break down harmful germs like E-Coli, Salmonella, MRSA, and Mold. Inspired by nature, Pure-Light brings outdoor freshness indoors, countering indoor pollution. It's hailed as a top environmental innovation of the century.

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How Safe is Titanium Dioxide (TIO2)?

Humans, animals, and plants have been living around TiO2 for thousands of years. It is just a bright white dirt What is very unique about the Pure-Light® Super-Oxygen® technology is that the TiO2 "dirt" is encapsulated in a patented transparent "glue" that holds the Ti02 in place but allows the Super-Oxygen® molecules to escape and cleanse and purify the air and surfaces within approximately 10 feet of the bulb. That is why the bulbs must be open to the air to allow the Super-Oxygen molecules out to do their cleansing work.

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